Here are just a few of my work values:

  • Having a balanced & collaborative relationship with my clients

  • Bringing a sense of relatability and honesty

  • Creating an easygoing and fun environment, especially when working with kids and adolescents

  • Being authentic and sincere

  • Creating a safe space that feels open and caring


I received my undergraduate degree in International Affairs with minors in Anthropology and  Psychology from Florida State University in 2007.  Not long after college, I began to realize that my true passion was to work with children, adolescents, and families; so I went on to attain a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida in 2012.

I have three years of experience working as a family therapist for families from very diverse backgrounds all over New York City. Additionally, I have worked in a variety of settings including an inpatient psychiatric unit of a hospital, an outpatient mental health clinic, a therapeutic group home for adolescent girls, an elementary school, and a university counseling center. 

I have training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT is a psychotherapy that is based on the cognitive model: the way that individuals perceive a situation is more closely connected to their reaction than the situation itself. One important part of CBT is helping clients change their unhelpful thinking and behavior that will lead to enduring improvement in their mood and functioning.

Additionally, I have training in trauma treatment which includes Prolonged Exposure and Imaginal Exposure to helps adults overcome traumatic experiences from their past. To address trauma in children, I have training and experience in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which facilitates children in creating a narrative to tell their story of the trauma and then process it with their parent and therapist.

To address addictions, I have training in substance use treatment, which involves motivational interviewing. Motivational Interviewing focuses on exploring and resolving ambivalence and centers on motivational processes within the individual that facilitate change. 

My experience in family therapy involved teaching parents the skills to manage their children’s difficult behaviors and moods, including children struggling with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Behavior, social anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Some of my favorite outcomes with former clients: 


A fourteen year old girl suffering from social anxiety. Her chief complaint was struggling to make new friends. I helped her learn how to initiate conversations and find new friends who were like minded and supportive. 


A 42 yr-old mother of four with a substance abuse problem with co-occuring depression. Lily was using stimulants on the weekends to cope with the stress of work and balancing family time. After seven months Lily was testing free of all substances, attending NA and AA meetings regularly, and spending more time with her children. 


A ten year old boy diagnosed with ADHD. Max was in the fourth grade and constantly distracting his peers in school and often getting sent out of class for being disruptive. Max worked with me on behavior modification strategies and deescalation skills and within months his mother was not getting calls from the principle anymore asking her to pick him up from school early.

*Names have been changed to protect all individual's privacy.