Some things teens have to deal with never change. Those can include heartbreak, hormones, and heightened social anxiety -- it's all just part of growing up. 

But there are things that are unique to the contemporary adolescent experience. Some issues that I especially enjoy working on with the contemporary teen are:  

  • Identity issues
  • self-esteem
  • bullying
  • fitting in with peers
  • demands of high school
  • preparing for college
  • dating and relationships
  • living in a blended family
  • parent's divorce
  • parental substance use
  • puberty
  • emotional abuse and neglect
  • sexuality
  • video game addiction
  • drug and alcohol use 

With teens I often like to use techniques that help increase insight and self awareness which will help them strengthen their relationships and sense of self. Techniques I like most are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, bibliotherapy, journaling, relaxation skills training.