This generation of children have many more challenges to face today, than many of us did from previous generations. Some of the unique problems that today's children are dealing with include everything from ADHD, Autism, bullying, parents' divorcing, low self -esteem,  abuse, identity issues, family conflict, and social anxiety. 

I take a solution-oriented developmentally appropriate approach when it comes to addressing children’s emotional development and behavior. This includes understanding the root of the problematic behaviors, identifying the social and environmental factors that are contributing to the problem, creating treatment goals with the parents, breaking down these goals into short term goals, and creating strategies to change the behavior by assigning homework so that practice through continuous effort are made to change these behaviors.

Some of the techniques I use with kids the most are:

  • Relaxation skills training
  • Use of games to build rapport
  • The creative arts- Painting, drawing, clay
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Role play
  • Rehearsal of new skills