Why Start Therapy? 

People come to therapy to get help. The incentive for therapy is as unique as the individuals who seek it.  Typically people come to find assistance they haven't found in other areas of their life- Bad breakups, grief, or depression. Some may think, “well what if I am not in a state of crisis? “ Surprisingly, sometimes the best time to start therapy may be when your life’s going relatively well. 

Here are some common reasons why people benefit from therapy:

1. Therapy’s effects persist over the long-run

A huge benefit of therapy is that its effects are long-lasting. This is because you’re not only working through current issues, but you’re also developing the tools to help you deal with future issues. 

2. Repressed emotions may effect you later on

The most serious drawback of not talking about things may be that unexpressed feelings and traumas can pile up and negatively impact you in years to come.  

3. Change of perspective

Therapy can give you a whole new perspective on yourself and other people in your life

4. Talking about things gives them shape

 Talking about a problem with a therapist can be very helpful: Lay out the issue, and it will become clearer, more logical, and therefore more manageable.

5. You know you’re not alone

Seeing a therapist can be a huge relief in-and-of itself since you know you’re taking action against what might be problematic for you. It is also comforting just knowing that you have a built-in support person that you can go to once a week.